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Friends of Rush River

Friends of Rush River, formerly known as Healthy Communities, was established in 1997.  It is an active organization of women of Rush River Lutheran Church, whose goal is to provide outreach to those in need and to provide support for Rush River Church activities.

Friends of RR collect and distribute donations of food, clothing, school supplies, and items for Lutheran World Relief. Based on fundraisers, monetary donations are made to organizations which include Grace Place, Turningpoint, and Our Neighbor’s Place. Funds are also used to address individual needs in the community.

In 2015, a grant from Thrivent enabled Friends of RR to create a distinct and attractive area for our collections. Friends of RR also organize the Confirmation Dinner, Christmas caroling, the Annual Silent Auction, and other activities.

All are welcome to join as an active member or assist as needed to  help us “Reach Out in Love” to better our community and be a voice for our congregation.

Written by Toni Lubich

Men In Mission

The Men In Mission group (MIM), is an active and supportive ministry group in the community life of Rush River Lutheran Church.  Evening meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 6:30.

Meetings often consist of a “learning piece” of some sort and related discussion, for example watching and reviewing a video.  Recently the group viewed a seven part series of “How Lutherans Interpret the Bible” by Dr. Mark Allan Powell.


MIM Valentine’s Pie Event

Events and activities are planned during meeting time.  The group has organized a Valentine’s Pie Event with plans underway for possibly hosting a game night.

The evening concludes with a time of fun and games.  Although the group is not yet playing dart ball, they have enjoyed an activity not seen at least for 25 years at Rush River Lutheran Church.  Any guesses?  Shuffle board!

All men are welcome.


Women of all ages are welcome to meet on the first Thursday of every month to quilt. Cutting, piecing and tying the quilts make for a lively morning of group activity which always finishes with a delicious potluck lunch!
The Quilters produce an average of sixty quilts every year. Each quilt is labeled with the Rush River Lutheran emblem and message, “Reach Out In Love”.
The quilts are proudly displayed as they are draped over the sanctuary pews in the autumn of the year. The quilts are then distributed as gifts and to a variety of charities that have included:

Grace Place Salvation Army of New Richmond, Wisconsin
Lap robes for various area care homes
As baby and Baptismal gifts
Lutheran World Relief
Locally in disaster situations
Gifts for graduates in our congregation